Portuguese gastronomy is the base, which is reinvented in each dish. Grilled meat and fish, as well as delicious seafood dishes, are the main stars to be savoured in a somewhat mysterious atmosphere immersed in history, in one of the Baixa Pombalina’s most emblematic corners.

Entrées and Others

Clams with garlic, coriander and white wine, the Portuguese way €12
King Prawn on the pan with chili garlic and lime €14
Codfish pastraies with a bellpepper Mayonnaise €4
Traditional game croquete with mustard and “savory” €4
Beef Stroganoff with tavern sauce €9
Marinated Piglet “Escabeche” €10
Snails braised in lemon butter sauce €8,50

Main Acts
From The Deep Blue Sea

Shark steak with a “Bouillabaisse” sauce €9
Slow cooked cuttlefish, braised and fried, a shining summer dish €10
Poached cod, potato emulsion, onions and red wine braised egg €12
Purple Octopus, in a “Bordelaise” sauce €13
Fish of the day, with seasonal greens €15

Butcher’s sin, Artist’s Meat

Duck “Confit” in a suckilng pig sauce €13
Pork chop grilled with rosemary and garlic 350gr €9
Pork cheeks in a braisage of wine, and corriander perfume €12
Suckling pork belly with orange and rosemary €11
Flat Iron Steak grilled to a medium rare €13
Sirloin chop, braised and grilled 300gr €15
Fillet Mignon classic, with a creamy sauce 200gr €18

Specialty Dishes:

To be Shared by Two

Daily fish pasta with shrimp, and roasted bell peppers €24
Creamy pork, snails and mushrooms, gentley cooked €22
Short rib braised and stewed with a red wine sauce €16
Osso Bucco, a homely dish grilled on open flame €26

For Vegetarian Lovers

Beetroot rissotto with mushrooms and a runny egg €12
Spicy roasted pumpkin, with pasta of sheeps and cows milk cheese €10

Our Salads

Chicken Salad with avocado, orange, watercress and seeds €9
Goat cheese reduced in honey topped with crunchy walnuts and salad €11

Garnishes and Accompaniments of the Theatre

Roasted farmers vegetables €3,75
Velvety rices with a choice of beans, mushrooms or tomatoes €4
Roasted sweet potato with butter and lemon €3,50
French fries with herbes de provence €3
Moms mashed potato €3
A mystical salad with lettuce, tomatoes and watercress from the river €3,25

The Curtain Calls For Our Desserts

Chocolate cake with Portuguese “Ginja” liqueur €6
Pumpkin and cinnamon tatin with chévre and nuts, a cheesecake our way €6
Caramel “Abbot of Pricos” pudding with strawberries and Algarve orange €6
Dessert of the day€6