Restaurant O Ato

Restaurant O Ato is at the boutique Aparthotel O Artista.

The restaurant warm wine-resembling atmosphere and bottle-shaped fountain are an analogy to the emblematic scene played by Vasco Santana in ‘O Pátio das Cantigas’ where he drills a whole in the wall and red wine starts pouring out to everyone’s surprise.

Restaurant floor evokes traditional Portuguese pavement and combines classic and contemporary highlighting paviour’s work in this artistic atmosphere. As said by Nini Andrade Silva, “O Ato is like a small stage that invites customers to enter the scene and play a role that brings the past into the present”.

The restaurant can accommodate 50 people inside and there are also seats outside. Also available is a bar service that serves signature and classic cocktails.



Rua Portas S. Antão, 5,

1150-264 Lisbon

Opening hours

Restaurant: 12h30 to 23h00
Bar: 15h30 to 24h00